Bridal bouquets can now be kept for decades in Estonia!

On their wedding days, all grooms are decorated by their brides, standing next to them, while brides are decorated by their bridal bouquets, given to them by their grooms. Bridal bouquet takes part in a number of important rituals during the wedding day: starting from photo sessions of the couple, wedding or marriage ceremonies, ending up as the centrepiece of bridal table during the party, following the official ceremonies. This is why the bridal bouquet, given by the groom, brings back a multitude of positive emotions, feelings and wonderful moments. This is the bouquet not rendered by the bride to the next brides to be during the final stage of the party – we will make you a special “throwing posy”, which isn’t cherished by the newlyweds, for fulfilling this ritual.

Decoration company TT Product has launched a new, unique service, which is highly popular all around the world, to Estonian market. A special technology for drying bridal bouquets and other flowers is now available in Estonia – the flowers treated with this technology will maintain their fresh look practically forever.


I studied the new flower preservation technology in Finland. I feel that in Finnish weddings brides get most of the attention; grooms are not considered as important, while I haven’t met, so far, even a single bride, getting married on her own. Therefore, grooms are also welcome to have their buttonholes treated with the new technology. An embroidered monogram, combining the first letters of names of the newlyweds, will be attached to bridal bouquet and groom’s buttonhole, complete with the date of the event, to give you a perfect combination of memorabilia.

The new technology involves dehydration of flowers, while maintaining their shape and colour. You should bring the bridal bouquet to our saloon on the day following the wedding or the day after, as latest, as the flowers will be fresh then. We can’t refresh the slightly wilted flowers – we can only maintain the quality the flowers had when they reached our craftsman. TT Product will first take a photo of the bouquet. The bouquet is then dissembled as every flower will be treated separately. All the flowers are placed into a desiccation gel alone, as different flowers require different treatment period. Once the flowers are dry, we will use the photo to restore the bouquet. The bouquet will be then attached to a special wall plaque, under a glass dome. The dome is needed to avoid humidity and dust from damaging the bouquet. Should even a slightest amount of humidity enter the dome, the bouquet will be destroyed.

We charge 280 Euros for the complete bridal bouquet preservation service. Sure, this is not cheap. But the materials we use are also expensive. After all, this is not a service to be used on daily bases, but something you do to preserve a precious memory, lasting a lifetime!

How to get this wonderful memorabilia with limited wedding budget?

We will offer you a number of alternatives:

If you place an order for wedding decorations with a value of approximately 1,000 Euros, the newlyweds will be getting the dehydration of bridal bouquet, complete with a frame, for free.

An excellent wedding gift idea for either parents or the bridal couple or wedding guests – just let them know before the wedding.

The whole process, including the treatment of flowers and delivery of the finished bouquet, will take approximately 4-5 weeks. The work itself will be completed in four weeks, but we will keep the bouquet for an additional follow-up inspection week to ensure the highest quality.

Those who are already married, yet crave for an enchanting memorabilia, you can send a picture of your bridal bouquet to our craftsman. This allows us to restore the original shape and flower arrangement of your bridal bouquet and you can also keep the bouquet as a wonderful keepsake in frame for years to come. This is an opportunity, which has been used by a number of men, wanting to give their bellowed spouse a special surprise on their wedding anniversary!

You should not limit yourself to bridal bouquets. There are a number of other events, which are worth recording, using this special preservation technology. For example, to celebrate the birth of your child – preserve the first flower, presented by father to the child’s mother. Of course, you’re welcome to use our services for preserving any flowers, which are given to celebrate important events in your life – special birthdays and anniversaries, school graduations, etc – in a word, to preserve any flowers, which bring back a special event and which you want to keep fresh for years.

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